Stripping – KIA

At Parts Support we are stripping all KIA models from Picanto, Rio, Cerato, Shuma, Sportage, Sorento  and more for original secondhand used spare parts.

KIA models include:

Picanto, Sportage, Rio, Cerato, Sorento, Shuma, etc

We are  stripping the vehicles for used car parts so that we can supply you the customer from the biggest part in the car to the smallest parts. We sell engines, gearboxes, bonnet, bumpers, head lights, fog lamps, fenders, grills, boot lids, doors, seats and more.

Some of the vehicle we have stripped:

Kia Picanto






Kia Rio 1.2






Kia Sportage 2015






Cerato 2lt Hatch 2012






Carnival 2002





Rio 1.6  2010






Rio 1.4  2008






Cerato Sedan 1.6 2010/2012 model






Picanto 2015 model






Kia Cerato 2.0 being stripped for Used car parts







Stripping Picanto 1.1 2009 for used secondhand spares

Picanto 1.1 2009

Picanto 1.1 2009

Picanto 1.1 2009

Picanto 1.1 2009

Picanto 1.1 2009

Picanto 1.1 2009

Picanto 1.1 2009

Picanto 1.1 2009












Shuma, Sportage, Picanto, Sorento, Rio, Cerato, Soul, K2700


Parts Support strives to sell only the best quality original used KIA parts. Therefore we make sure that we supply only the best used secondhand car parts for all models that we strip. Once the cars have have been stripped for used spares. We check the parts and clean them so that the parts are ready for our customers. We stock KIA spares and parts for Rio, Cerato, Sportage, Picanto, Sorento and more. And if we don’t have it in stock we will try and find the parts for you.