Geely South Africa - NEW SPARES

We stock Geely Spare Parts for all models ranging from: Geely MK, Geely CK, Geely LC, Geely LCC/ LCX/ LC Cross and also for Geely Emgrand/ EC7
Geely Cars

Parts We Offer When Available

New Spares

Gearbox Parts :
Gearboxes, Gears, Bearings, Input and Output shafts, Syncros, Forks, Speedo drives

Electrical Parts :
Headlamps, Taillights, Switches, Ignition coils, Instrument clusters, Alternators, Starters

Engine Parts :
Cylinder head, Water pumps, Oil pumps, Sub-Assembly, Crank shaft, Camshaft, Pistons, Sleeves, Rings, Timing belt, Tensioner, Valves, Conrods, Rockers, Gasket sets

Service Parts :
Oil filters, Fuel filters, Air filters, Spark plugs

Body Parts :
Bonnets, Doors, Fenders, Roofs, Door frames, Slam panel, Front and Rear Bumpers

Maintenance Parts :
Brake drums, Brake shoes, Brake disks,  Brake pads


Parts Support is the official importer of Geely South Africa Auto Parts and Spares. We stock quality Auto Spares and Parts. Because we are the official importers we can provide original spare parts at Aftermarket Prices.