We stock Kia spares and parts for most Kia vehicles. And if we don’t have it in stock we will try and find the parts for you. 

Parts Support strives to sell only the best quality original used spares and parts for Kia. Therefore we make sure that we supply only the best used secondhand car parts for all models. Once the parts have been stripped from the vehicle we check them as far possible and clean them so that the parts are ready for our customers. 


KIA Parts Available

Used Spares

Body Parts

Body Parts, Bonnets, Doors, Door Frames, Roofs, Slam Panel, Bumpers, Fenders


Electrical Parts

Electrical Parts, Headlamps, Taillights, Starters, Alternators, Ignition Coils, Switches, Instrument Clusters, Fuel Pump, ABS Pump, Lockets, Air-con Compressor, Airflow Meter, Fog lamps


Gearbox Parts

Gearbox, Recon & New, Bearings, Syncros, Gears, Forks, Speedo Drives, Output Shafts, Input Shaft


Engine Parts

Sub-Assembly, Cylinder Head, Crank Shaft, Camshaft, Pistons, Rings, Water Pumps, Oil Pumps, Sleeves : Gasket Sets, Conrods, Rockers, Valves, Timing Belts, Tensioner


Engine Codes

D4CB – Sorento 2.5 (4X4)
D4EB – Sportage 2.0
G3LA – Picanto 1.0
G4EE – Rio 1.4
G4FA – Rio 3 1.4
G4FC – Soul 1.6
G4GA – Picanto
G4HG – Picanto 1.1
G4KD – Cerato 2.0
G4LA – Picanto
J2 – K2700


Parts Support offers a wide range of original secondhand spares for KIA.